Megafauna Education Program

The Megafauna Program will introduce students to the world of Australia's prehistoric giant animals; the 'megafauna'.

Through the use of actual fossil casts, extant marsupial skulls, life-size replicas and a thought-provoking PowerPoint presentation, students are taken back to 50,000 years BP. Here they will meet such amazing animals as 'thylacoleo' the marsupial lion, 'zygomaturus' the enormous diprotodontid and three megafauna species unknown to science until being discovered in Mammoth Cave. The group will explore the theories regarding the extinction of these great beasts.

Students can participate in a 'bone dig' in the CaveWorks theatrette, while learning about the process involved in conducting a palaeontological dig.

The experience culminates in a private guided tour of Mammoth Cave, the 'time capsule' that preserved more than ten thousand fossil remains of these ancient animals.

Megafauna Education Program offered at CaveWorks (pdf)

Zygomaturus jawbone in Mammoth cave