The Augusta Margaret River Tourism Association's (AMRTA) School Education Program aims to deliver a world-class, uniquely Australian education experience to our visitors of the future.

This vision will be achieved by promoting, protecting and preserving the heritage and natural assets that are unique to the region.

The School Education Program covers five central themes that encompass interactive experiences at Lake, Mammoth and Jewel Caves and the Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse. These are:

1) Megafauna;
2) Biodiversity;
3) Climate Change;
4) Culture and Heritage, and;
5) Geology.

Programs are designed around interpretation and active participation; whether it be digging in the 'bone box' in the CaveWorks theatrette (Lake Cave), examining surface-dwelling relatives of the ancient stygofauna species at Jewel Cave, admiring the fossilised remains in the wall of Mammoth Cave or learning about the weather recordings of Cape Leeuwin. Each program is combined with a specially themed tour of one of these four spectacular attractions.

CaveWorks Eco Interpretive Centre, located at Lake Cave, has many onsite facilities to make the educational experience both enjoyable and rewarding. These include an interpretive model cave and an audio/visual presentation on the formation of caves in the Leeuwin-Naturaliste Ridge. There are also exhibits on:

  • cave conservation
  • cave biology
  • megafauna fossil casts and life-size replicas
  • historical photographs of local caves and cave explorers
  • aboriginal occupation and artifacts
  • images and information on caves from across the globe

Other facilities include the Caveworks theatrette where the interactive presentation components of both the Megafauna Program (Mammoth Cave is located only five minutes away) and Climate Change Program (Lake Cave) take place.

Both Jewel Cave (Biodiversity Program) and the Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse (Culture and Heritage Program) have interpretive areas for the delivery of interactive presentation components.

There are onsite tearoom/cafe facilities available from all sites (Mammoth Cave is located five minutes from Lake Cave Tearooms). These are managed privately; please call Caveworks for details.

The AMRTA is working closely with school groups from across Western Australia to implement the educational program into their school curriculum. Contact us today for more information!

Caveworks, under the management of the Augusta Margaret River Tourism Association, is a leader in the conservation and preservation of caves in the Leeuwin-Naturaliste Ridge.

Working With Children Check

All Caveworks Education Program presenters have a current Working with Children Check Card

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Emergency and Evacuation Procedure

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