Culture and Heritage Education Program

The Culture and Heritage Program is based at the Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse precinct where students can appreciate the spectacular and harsh environment experienced by the first inhabitants of this land - both traditional and European. Students will be introduced to the Noongar Aboriginal culture and its 'six seasons' which determined the people's movements through their land and the activities they carried out.

Students will learn of the first sightings of the cape by European ships that sailed this rugged coast and of the importance of this site in Australia's maritime history. The Lighthouse is the oldest continuous weather recording station in Western Australia and students will learn of the essential role it has played in the collection of meteorological data.

Students will then have a private tour to the top of the Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse where they can gaze out to the meeting point of two great oceans: the Indian and Southern. Stories of the life of the early settlers and lighthouse keepers are unveiled and brought to life against this iconic backdrop.

Culture and Heritage Education Program offered at CaveWorks (pdf)

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