Climate Change Education Program

The Climate Change Program looks not only at the impact human activity is having on the Earth's climate (the 'rapid change') but also examines the natural process of climate change through geological time. It is this 'gradual climate change' that has, for the past one million years, caused the evolution of the Leeuwin-Naturaliste Ridge and the spectacular limestone caves nestled within.

Students will participate in a thought provoking PowerPoint presentation and discussion in the Caveworks theatrette. Examination of a stalagmite cross-section will show how these cave formations are able to yield the weather records of past millennia. The group will also hear about the research being undertaken by the Augusta Margaret River Tourism Association into the hydrology of Lake and Jewel Caves.

During a private tour of the stunning Lake Cave, students will descend through sixty two metres and one million years of geology to see for themselves the effects of 'both kinds' of climate change and what we are undertaking to halt the rapid change evident in our caves.

Climate Change Education Program offered at CaveWorks (pdf)

Climate Change Research