Biodiversity Education Program

The Biodiversity Education Program explores our South West region as one of only 34 internationally recognised 'biodiversity hotspots' - regions described as 'the richest and most threatened reservoirs of plant and animal life on Earth'. This is the only Australian representative on the list.

Students will learn of the threatened unique micro-ecosystems within the Jewel Cave system. Here live remnant populations of 'stygofauna'; animals that live permanently in the underground water. Many of them are ancient species, relics from the Gondwanan age. With the use of a microscope and magnifying lamps students can examine some surface dwelling relatives of these underground micro fauna. There are also 3D models of stygofauna (magnified by many hundreds of times!) in the interpretive display.

Within this amazing bush setting of endemic tree species including the giant, iconic karri, students will appreciate the diversity of invertebrate life that dwells within the soil and leaf litter of the forest floor. These organisms are responsible for maintaining a healthy forest environment and promoting water filtration through to the caves below.

The group is then guided through a private exploration of the spectacular Jewel Cave; Western Australia's largest show cave.

Biodiversity Education Program offered at CaveWorks (pdf)